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About Us

We are American Pole Testing –
a partner in protecting your system performance. Here to take the guesswork out of the equation and provide real data to support better decision making. 

Why APT?

We believe there’s an optimal approach to minimize risk and maintain the strength and resiliency of your system, and we can help you find it. Offering safe and reliable service, APT is here to aid in wood pole inspection. Our inspections better help your company manage critical factors that may determine your poles performance, strength, and potential future cost. By utilizing our pole inspections, you will be adding maintenance to your pole plant that will add 10 years of approved safe function, as well as reduce the need of unnecessary or premature replacement cost. We are field technicians, here to identify and help you solve structural issues that impact your asset health, system resiliency, and help you meet your commitment to provide safe and reliable services. We help you create safer, longer lasting, and more resilient structures. We help owners mitigate risk and manage challenges through innovation and execution. We show up. We do the work. We do it safely, on time, and on budget. 

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APT utility pole inspections are handled by highly trained professionals to prevent inaccurate assessments.

Every APT utility pole inspector is equipped to utilize and understand our software and equipment to give you the most accurate readings. .

APT strives to be the industry leader in the use of Non-Destructive IML-RESI powerDrill Pole Inspection Technology. Our device is the most advanced and accurate non-destructive pole testing technology in the industry. 

Our drill is ideal for poles that have undergone multiple intrusive inspection cycles with large hole boring. Even for poles that are encased in concrete or asphalt. APT’s inspection software translates the IML-RESI boring results into industry standard pole strength analysis that is based upon the RUS 1730B-121 Wood Pole and Maintenance Bulletin. The inspection results are combined with customer specific visual inspection components which provide Utilities with all the reporting and accuracy of the traditional pole inspection program.

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