A partner in protecting your system performance

What We Do

APT Utilities LLC offers the following services:

  • Non-Destructive Utility Pole Inspection
  • Full-Scale Utility Inventory
  • GIS Services
  • Mapping + Asset Verification
  • Utility Pole Tagging

Our focus is on providing personal service with extremely high accountability and responsiveness.

Who We Are

100% Woman Owned Company

WOB Benefits

Application pending for HUB, SWUC, &WOSB certification

IML Testing

Extend testing frequency 8-10 yrs.

Over 40 combined years of expertise in the industry.

Full Asset Maintenance

Database Management

With weekly reports, images, and notes. You will receive the most detailed information.

Why is Pole testing important?

There are 130 million wood poles in service across the nation. Operators that have not had their poles tested in 10-15 year are seeing an average failure rate of 8-10%. Operators are still finding that even with advanced remediate treatment, they are losing the structural integrity of their poles. With ATP’s IML-RESI technology, forget the compromise and start treating your poles non-destructively.

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